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Ah, I see you found my Private Library! I have stowed my various compositions here, including my poems, short stories, and an excerpt of my christian fantasy novel, Queen of Thought. I add things now and again, so it may interest you to check back every so often. By all means, peruse the shelves, and feel free to use the Contact page for any queries or comments you may have. Enjoy!


~All compositions are the original work of Jenari Skye. If you wish to use or quote a work, please reference said name and this site.~


Poetry has been an outlet of mine since I was ten (at least). I have kept a number of my poems, and you may browse some of them below. I have yet to add some of my most recent (some of which are in my books) and plan to add them over the next few months. Please enjoy the alphabetical list of my poetry below! I hope one day to compile them into a book of poetry.

A Soldier's Victory ~ January 2008
A Writer ~ June 2009
Blossoms ~ March 2013 (blog post)
Darkness versus the Light ~ December 2007
God's Gift ~ October 2007
His Final Say ~ April 2013 (blog post)
In Dreamer's Dawn ~ September 2006
Lost and Found ~ June 2008
Love is Nigh ~ July 2007
Peace ~ November 2006
Poetry ~ October 2012 (blog post)
Request of the Called ~ August 2012 (blog post)
Shelter Not the Shadows ~ March 2010



I have always loved to read - a passion I imagine you share. My favorite genre (though many are enjoyable) is Fantasy, or Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I began to write my very first story at the age of five. It was quite the endeavor, as I had intended it to be a novel (my downfall is bringing a story to a close). I never did finish that story about Seca, a young foal in a wild herd of horses trying to avoid capture, since my interests took a different turn as I grew older. (Though I have kept it - just in case.)

My next endeavor at a novel started my freshman year of high school, with the submission of a short story (A Ray of Hope) for a writing contest. I was proud of the story, but was also both surprised and pleased to receive first place! Most of my stories grow with time, since I continue to imagine background and explanation, and this was no exception. One day, I plan to finish this story as a full novel.

However, its progress was hindered, when, at the end of my junior year, I wrote a yearbook entry for a friend inspired by her own imaginative style of writing. I wrote a few sentences in the present tense that depicted an elven warrior stalking... something. My friend had the idea to leave the reader hanging so that the next year, she would write a little more, creating a mini story over a few signings. (Rather clever, I thought.) It turns out that I liked my elven warrior... so I transferred the sentences to my own piece of paper and wrote more... and more... and finally finished the first full draft of the novel a few years ago. It has a considerable way to go, yet, but a first draft is a first draft.

That novel is called Queen of Thought, and you may read the first chapter at the link below. It took a number of years before I was willing to change the first paragraph from the present tense to the past tense in which the rest of the story is related; I was rather sentimentally attached to it, since it had been the genesis of the entire story. Yet, after years of serious consideration, I felt it better for the novel to have a uniform tense, and remain content to tell the story behind it.

Please enjoy my assorted short stories, as well as the excerpt of Queen of Thought below!

A Ray of Hope ~ February 2000 (Updated May 2007)
Circle of Darkness ~ March 2002
Queen of Thought ~ Started May 2002 (Continuously updated)
Tempest of Doom ~ November 2001


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