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Welcome to Skye Castle Gallery! Here you will find my waive art as well as various of my crafts. Walk the halls and see what you like! Feel free to use the Contact page for any queries or comments you may have. Enjoy!

Waive Art

~All photos and works are the original work of Jenari Skye. If you wish to reference a work, please reference said name and this site.~

Waive Art

If you want a sketch, portrait, or drawing, I'm not the person to ask. My "art style" is a little bit different. My art teacher (our class had maybe two sessions a year with her from second to fifth grade) showed us something that I would call "line art." When I experimented with it, I added my own twists to it, and the pieces below are the results.

I call it the Waive Collection. I drew them with ball-point pens on computer paper (the mermaid was on the back of a homework assignment). They may be a little hard to see on a computer screen, but you can at least get an idea. They are in order of creation, and you can see how my style progressed. The best is, of course, last.

Hidden Dragon - Waive Art by Jenari Skye

Hidden Dragon - 1999

Hidden Dragon was my first piece in the "Waive Collection." It was created with normal and fine tipped ball point pens (whatever I could get a hold of in middle school). My art teacher in the second grade had shown the class a different type of art than we were used to. I don't think she gave it a name, but it was essentially this style. The piece in the center is done a little differently than the typical style. With each new piece I have created, I have been able to improve a little on it - until "At Fantasy's Heart." I am currently working on another piece, but have no idea when I'll be able to finish it.

It wasn't until I was nearly finished this piece that I realized that there was a dragon head hidden in the design. Can you find him?

Big Blue - Waive Art by Jenari Skye

Big Blue - 1999

Once I realized that I could put a profile in this type of art, I began with what I had always drawn as a kid - my horse, Big Blue. I even drew him the way that I had as a kid - which I must admit, makes me miss my old friend. This piece was drawn during my freshman year of high school - 1999 - and was drawn with the same green and red ball point pens as Hidden Dragon. After discovering that this type of intensive art could be a bit painful, I had originally (and at the behest of my disabled mother) decided not to continue in it. However, I really enjoyed this type of art, and wanted to do it again. With this piece, I decided to create my own style that I dubbed "Waive." Thus began my "Waive Collection."


Mermaid's Watch - Waive Art by Jenari Skye

Mermaid's Watch - 2000

She stands poised, watching, waiting. She had left her sword back at the Temple. What was that dot in the distance? She wished her sight was as good as her brother's. Was it one of her father's soldiers? The enemy? Her lover?

Mermaid's Watch was my third piece in the Waive Collection, and created with the same materials: a piece of computer paper and colored ball point pens. Unfortunately, the original piece has a little damage, which you can see in the scan to the left if you know what to look for, and the computer paper was, in fact, a piece of paper detailing a homework assignment on the other side. I created it as a depiction of the mermaid I wrote about in A Ray of Hope.


Rose in the Crossroads - 2001

This is my fourth piece in the Waive Collection. It is, for me, a statement of the peace given me by Jesus Christ. With Christ as my center (my rose), I can have peace in every decision.

Rose in the Crossroads - Waive Art by Jenari Skye


At Fantasy's Heart - 2002

At Fantasy's Heart - Waive Art by Jenari Skye

Rhinla is a proud unicorn whose adventures this portrait records. From the depths of the sea where the merpeople rule, to the blackness of space where the stars shine bright, Rhinla has known tales of woe and tales of might. But though his tales entertain and his eyes have seen much, Rhinla yearns for a companion.

At Fantasy's Heart is my fifth drawing in the Waive collection. This original work was completed on a piece of computer paper with normal ball-point ink pens. The unicorn, the columns, and the images on the columns were completed with gel pens. This is my favorite of the Waive Collection thus far, as I was able to incorporate the most detail into it.



My grandmother taught me to knit at a young age, and I've always rather enjoyed it. I have slowly increased my skills over the years, which exploded when my knitting friend introduced me to Ravelry. To a lesser extent, I also enjoy crochet. Pictured below are a just a few of my projects, as I'm a little lazy in regard to reposting photos. (You will find far more on Ravelry.)

You can also see my Knitting board on Pinterest below for all sorts of patterns that I have found and desire to try.

Diamond Double-Cable Afghan Knitted Bookmark Knitted Puff Hat

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