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Welcome to Skye castle! I do hope you stay awhile; there are many nooks and crannies for your exploratory delight. When, alas, you must depart, may the road rise to meet you - but may it lead to your return, for friends are always welcome and treasured!

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Blog entry on A Thankful Heart: Attitude
(Thankful Thing #506)
Why Nothing New?

Book: My Thankful Beginning ~ A Shift in Focus

Poem: His Final Say

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My Favorite Blog Highlights

Here is a list of some of my own personal favorites! With more than 400 thankful things
(and over 500 posts) to pull from, I didn't include everything I might have liked to,
in an attempt to keep the list manageable!

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Published April 20, 2013: Weekly Impressions - His Final Say
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Published August 10, 2013: Weekly Impressions - No Less My Savior
Published October 10, 2013: Look for My Beauty
Published November 11, 2013: Emotions: Not a Dictatorship
Published December 1, 2013: Weekly Impressions - Perspective Shift
Published January 13, 2014: Brokenness
Published March 15, 2014: God's Orchestration

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