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Welcome to Skye Castle! You stand in the courtyard with many possible paths before you. I do hope you stay awhile; there are many nooks and crannies for your exploratory delight. When, alas, you must depart, may the road rise to meet you - but may it lead to your return, for friends are always welcome and treasured!

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My Thankful Beginning ~ A Shift in Focus

Book: My Thankful Beginning ~ A Shift in Focus
This book is a tool to further your walk with Christ. Especially if you struggle with depression or anxiety, this book will help set you on a journey of thankfulness that will change your perspective and shine the light of Christ in the midst of the dark cloud.

Blog entry on A Thankful Heart:
(Thankful Thing #530)

Poem: Blossoms

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Published January 14, 2013: Cupboard Doors
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My Favorite Blog Highlights

Here is a list of some of my own personal favorites! With more than 500 thankful things
(and over 600 posts) to pull from, I didn't include everything I might have liked to,
in an attempt to keep the list manageable!

Published July 27, 2012: Victory
Published August 8, 2012: Kleenex
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Published December 22, 2012: Weekly Impressions - The Upward Spiral
Published February 9, 2013: Weekly Impressions - Obedience
Published April 6, 2013: Weekly Impressions - The Use of Pain
Published April 20, 2013: Weekly Impressions - His Final Say
Published May 18, 2013: Weekly Impressions - Suffering and God's Care
Published June 20, 2013: Thankfulness
Published July 17, 2013: Contentment
Published August 10, 2013: Weekly Impressions - No Less My Savior
Published October 10, 2013: Look for My Beauty
Published November 11, 2013: Emotions: Not a Dictatorship
Published December 1, 2013: Weekly Impressions - Perspective Shift
Published January 13, 2014: Brokenness
Published March 15, 2014: God's Orchestration
Published April 23, 2014: Practicing Your Presence
Published April 29, 2014: Multiple Thanks
Published May 3, 2014: Looking at My Husband
Published May 30, 2014: My Portion
Published June 16, 2014: Joy in the Midst of Trials
Published July 17, 2014: You are in Control
Published July 10, 2015: Reason to Breathe

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